Long Term Benefits Of Canning And Preserving



Fresh produce, like fruits and vegetables, are known to start ‘dying’ and lose their vitamins from the moment they are harvested from the ground. Up to half, or even more of the vitamins may be lost within a few days if the fruits or vegetables are not stored in a cool place or preserved appropriately. It takes up to two weeks for refrigerated produce to lose its vitamins and start deteriorating. If fresh produce is harvested, cleaned, and stored in a good time, the majority of its vitamins will be preserved. Fruits and vegetables that are harvested and canned properly will be able to be of higher nutritional value than fresh produce that is stored in makeshift conditions.

The problem with a lot of products that is sold in commercial facilities these days is that a number of chemicals and substances have been used to improve the appearance of the produce, and its shelf life too. Fresh produce, when exposed for a long amount of time, will become home to microorganisms, regardless of the storage conditions. Some shops are neglectful with their products and this ends up affecting the health of consumers. When you choose to can your own food and even grow your own produce, you can avoid using potentially harmful substances. Canning is simply preserving fresh food in its original state. The preservatives that you will use are also natural; acids such as lemon juice or vinegar are known to have a great number of benefits for the human body.


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As mentioned above, fresh produce is not able to last for long; it isn’t cheap, either. Canning can be very useful for a person, especially when it comes to preserving seasonal fruits and vegetables. The price of seasonal produce is usually high and after a certain amount of time, it becomes hard to find these fruits and vegetables again. Canning allows you to preserve fruits, vegetables (and other foods) in bulk, allowing you to keep a steady supply of vegetables for a longer period of time, and for a lesser amount of money. If you are into planting and harvesting your own produce, this will slash your food expenses in half. You will be able to rule out buying produce regularly since you’ll be supplying yourself with your own stock. If you have business acumen, you could look into starting a small business of your own. If not, that’s okay. At least you will have a ready supply of fruits and vegetables at any time you want. If you are a fan of homemade jams that they sell in stores, you will be pleased to know that you will be able to make your own, with your own canned fruits and vegetables, and at a lower cost. Canning really is a much more economical option in comparison to buying produce on a daily/weekly basis.


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Cans are able to withstand extreme conditions: heat, cold, wet, dry, etc. This means you can store your canned food in almost any kind of environment without worrying about the condition of the can. What you do need to watch out for, though, are signs of rusting, leakage, denting or bulging; these are signs that could mean that the cans have been damaged and the food has been affected. Discover more about the wide world of salt.

Increased Shelf Life

The process of canning, which involves the use of high temperatures and very sterile containers, ensures that any organism that can cause spoilage is destroyed. As long as the container remains intact, the food will remain safe. Once a container is compromised, you have to throw the food out in order to avoid anyone from contracting harmful diseases or infections. Canning is able to provide a shelf life that can span anywhere from one to four or five years. The shelf life can be longer than this under certain circumstances; some products are known to have a shelf life of over thirty years.

You won’t need your food to last for over one hundred years, but it will definitely last longer than a couple of months. Canning is an effective method for families to incorporate into their lifestyles because it saves mothers and fathers from spending money every day on the produce for daily meals. If you are someone who personally grows and harvests your own produce, canning will be a great way for you to preserve your harvest. Having a long shelf life means you can create a food supply without worrying about the food spoiling or rotting in a short space of time.

Rewarding Experience

Canning your own food is also a very rewarding personal experience. It can easily become a skill or hobby you develop for your spare time. Canning involves mental and physical work, which improves your body in more ways than one. It can also be a good experience for couples and families since it is something that can be done as a group. You will get to educate your children on the origins of the food that they eat, and you will also be teaching them a very useful skill that could be passed down in your family. If you are a sucker for old school, canning is also a great thing for you as it will rouse nostalgia within you. Many canners have spoken of the sentimental connection they have developed with canning, because it reminds them of earlier times in their childhood.

It’s Eco-Friendly Too

The problem with the produce that is sold in commercial facilities is that the process of preserving them is not environmentally friendly. The facilities that are used to cool produce run on electricity, which is generated by fossil fuels. We all already know how bad the burning of fossil fuels is for the environment. Produce is also stored in plastic containers which are discarded off after the produce has been consumed. Plastic materials are never good for the environment because they are not biodegradable.

Save Room in the Freezer.

Most individuals don’t have a lot of freezer room, and frozen meat occupies most of it. If we can move those meats out of that valuable area and into a canning jar on the table or shelf, we could use that space for stuff like ice cream. Avoiding the cost of spoiled meat in the event of a power failure is just as crucial. Meat is no longer fit to consume if the freezer level reaches the dangerous level of 41 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours more. Everything in your freezer, including ground beef, pork, chicken, brisket, will have to be thrown out. You don’t have to bother about power failures if you can some portion of that meat and keep it at room temperature. The fact is, there are so many benefits to canning meat that it’s worthwhile getting over your fear and diving in. Learn more about salts & salting.

Ability to Purchase in Large Quantities.

When we come across a great ‘can’t-miss’ price on meat, we can take the opportunity of it by home-canning it. When you buy several types of meat at a discount and can them, you and your household won’t have to consume the same meats over and over by getting them out of the freezer before they go bad.

Prevent Spoilage in Emergencies

We have fuel in our ordinary, non-emergency life. We use it to prepare food, heat, and cool, and we don’t give it a second thought. Many folks have a backup plan in case of a power failure, figuring they’ll just bring out the camp stove and gas, then prepare or home can all of the meat in the freezer. Everyone has a plan till they get hit in the gut by a power failure- Mike Tyson!

I’m glad to inform you that if you’re in the middle of a long term situation, you’ll have a lot more to stress about than canning your defrost meats. Why not take charge of it now, while you have the time?

You’re Aware of the Contents of the Bottle.

There are no secret additives when you can meat at yourself. You are sure of what goes in and out.  Would you like to reduce your sodium intake? Then leave out any salt or sodium-rich condiments. Is there anyone in the family who has a food allergy? When you can meat, you can avoid adding those additives.

Meal preparation during a power outage is painless and straightforward.

With home-canned meats, cooking during a power failure is simple. They’re already fully cooked and healthy to consume, so all we have to do now is add them to any recipe we’re making and heat it. There are no long cooking durations, which waste valuable alternative fuels. Another alternative is to rinse the meat and utilize it in a simple household meal like chicken salad.

helps you save money

The cost of canned meats at the food shop might be pretty high. A tiny tuna-sized can of chicken (10 ounces) costs roughly $3 where I stay. Getting canned meats for my big household gets expensive, but I can bottle an entire quart (2 lbs.) of chicken for roughly $3.00. I purchase chicken in quantity for under $2 per pound and occasionally even less.


In a society where practically anything can be outsourced, there is much to be said about the satisfaction of doing things yourself. Whenever you add new talent to your repertoire, your self-reliance grows. Even better, you may now transfer your knowledge and skills to the subsequent generation. Our primary responsibility is to provide for our families, and doing so well is a beautiful thing.

There will be less waste.

Jars for canning exist in a variety of sizes. Use the portion size that your household will consume in a single meal. We use either quarts and pints for chicken and beef at my home since occasionally the supper is for the whole family. On other occasions, the kids are out enjoying kid activities, and its just mommy and daddy and the baby at home.

Protect the environment.

We’re not saving the environment, but because canning jars are reusable, we’re not adding to the waste by using cans. If you purchase new can and lids when you start house canning meat, it will be an investment, but they may also be acquired through yard sales, thrift stores, or simply asking about your area. You might be able to discover an old friend who is willing to give their jars to those who will need them.

Save time

Thanks to the properly prepared meats from home canning, we’ve saved a lot of time on dinner prep. Although canning the meats takes time at first, it is a targeted and productive amount of work scheduled for the day. I would open a can of prepared chicken or ground beef at suppertime, which makes meal prep so much simpler and faster.

Since we’re on the subject of canning and time saving, one of the simplest products to can is meat. In most situations, you’ll place raw meat in a canning jar, add some broth or water (depending on the meat), and pressure can the jars. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

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